USB Redirection Solutions for Thin-clients

USB Redirection for Thin-clients

To convert your thin-client into fully functional USB Server, there is no need to purchase expensive additional equipment. You can simply use our software solution that can be installed on your thin-client.

If you use, manufacture or distribute thin-clients and want to use USB devices connected to them on remote PCs, the following solutions are what you were looking for.

Special Offer For Thin-Client Manufacturers

If you are producing thin-clients, you can integrate our software solution into your products. Just contact us to get all information about the benefits of OEM License.

Thin-clients based on Linux

With minimal system requirements and high performance, USB Redirector will turn your workstation into a full-featured USB Server. Just install USB Redirector for Linux and find out how easily it is to work with remote USB devices on your computer.

Below are several popular USB redirection solutions for Linux-based systems.

Thin-clients based on Windows

Usually to redirect a USB device, you have to install it's driver and use Remote Desktop Client possibilities for redirection, depending on device type. Because Thin Clients come preinstalled, it is not always easy to add a custom device driver. With our USB over IP solutions things become much easier.

We offer you a software solution with unique sharing technology! It allows sharing any USB devices connected to Thin Client automatically and manually. It does not matter whether USB device driver is installed on the thin client, USB Redirector will redirect this device anyway.