USB Redirection and Remote Scanning Products

On this page you can review all our products that help using USB devices or scanners remotely either over network, Remote Desktop or Internet. All you need is a network connection between the computer where your device is physically attached, and the computer where you would like to use your device. Our software will do the rest.

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USB over IP Software Solutions for Redirecting USB Devices

Our USB over Network products are especially useful when you need to use a USB device physically located in another building or even another city. You can use remote USB device at home being for thousand of miles away!

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USB Redirector and USB Redirector Client boxshot

IncentivesPro USB Redirector Share USB devices over LAN or Internet

USB Redirector allows sharing or redirecting USB devices over local network and Internet! It is a generic USB redirection software that can be used in many cases. It will help you organize a USB server in your network or pass-through USB devices to Hyper-V or other virtual machine. It can act as both USB server and USB client, but we also provide a free light-weight USB Redirector Client app!

USB Redirector RDP Edition box shot

IncentivesPro USB Redirector RDP Edition Redirect USB devices into Remote Desktop Session

USB Redirector RDP Edition allows redirecting USB devices to a remote computer when working via Remote Desktop. It consists of two parts - Server part and Workstation part. So USB devices connected to Workstation become available on remote PC, virtual machine or terminal server. USB Redirector RDP Edition suits great for in Virtual Desktop/VDI scenarios where you need to redirect USB devices into remote virtual machine.

USB Redirector TS Edition box shot

IncentivesPro USB Redirector TS EditionRedirect USB devices into remote session on terminal server with per-session isolation

USB Redirector TS Edition allows redirecting USB devices into a remote session on terminal server where multiple users are working simultaneously. The unique technology included in this product provides per-session isolation of USB devices to prevent users from accessing each-others devices.
* Isolation is currently supported for USB HID, USB Mass Storage and other specific USB devices.

USB Redirector for Linux box shot

IncentivesPro USB Redirector for Linux Share USB devices over Network on Linux

This free software allows sharing and redirecting USB devices in Linux-based systems. This solution is compatible with all of our products. It allows connecting USB devices either from Linux or Windows based computers. And thanks to the special patch for rdesktop or FreeRDP open-source Remote Desktop clients, you can connect USB devices to terminal server where USB Redirector RDP Edition or USB Redirector TS Edition installed.

USB Redirector Technician Edition box shot

IncentivesPro USB Redirector Technician Edition Seamless remote servicing of USB devices

USB Redirector Technician Edition is useful for professionals who provide remote USB device servicing services, such as flashing, configuring, re-programming or other types of service. It "redirects" USB devices from customer to technician, thus allowing to do any kind of remote servicing. Redirected device looks like it was plugged directly into the technician's computer. The software supports redirection of smartphones, printers, 3G modems, embedded devices, and virtually any other USB devices that can be serviced via USB cable.

Software Solutions for Scanner Redirection

Our remote scanning products will be useful for all applications where you need to scan into a Remote Desktop session from the scanner attached to your local computer. It is a perfect solution to use with document management systems within banking, financial, insurance and any other business institutions. Medical organizations will find it useful for using with EMR/EHR software hosted on a Terminal Servers to scan documents into patient records.

Scan Redirector RDP Edition box shot

IncentivesPro Scan Redirector RDP Edition Seamless scanning into Remote Desktop session

This software product allows to scan inside a remote desktop session on terminal server or virtual machine using a scanner attached to your workstation. It is extremely easy to use and supports both TWAIN and WIA scanners. A great solution for use with electronic document management systems. Please feel free to download the trial and try it yourself!

Software Solutions for Real-time USB Monitoring

This simple and very convenient solution for monitoring USB devices in real time will be useful for you, if you develop hardware USB devices or software for the analysis of their operation.

Simple USB Logger box shot

IncentivesPro Simple USB Logger Monitor USB devices in real-time

This free software product allows monitoring USB traffic between device and its driver, being transparent for the monitored device. Our unique technology allows monitoring any kind of USB devices, either hardware or virtual, including those redirected with USB Redirector.