Redirecting USB Devices From Windows to Linux Over Network

IncentivesPro offers new unique technology for connecting remote USB devices to the computers with different operating systems. Our products USB Redirector for Linux and USB Redirector allow you to share USB device plugged on computer running Windows and connect it to remote computer with Linux.

Use remote USB device in 5 Steps:

  • Step 1: Install USB Redirector on a Windows PC where USB devices are plugged in. This computer will act as Windows USB server.
  • Step 2: Share a USB device on Windows USB server:
  • Step3. Install USB Redirector for Linux on a Linux PC where you want to use USB device remotely (see Installing USB Redirector for Linux in USB client mode). This computer will act as Linux USB client.
  • Step4. Establish a connection from Linux USB client to Windows USB server (with IP:

usbclnt -addserver

  • Step5. In the list of available USB devices select the one you need and connect it:

usbclnt -l

usbclnt -connect 1-31

  • Result: The device has been connected. Now you can use it on a remote Linux PC.

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