About Us

IncentivesPro is a software development company. Established in 2007, it holds leading position in the sphere of USB/IP and device virtualization solutions. The problem of using USB devices remotely is rather actual nowadays. So we offer software solutions that can resolve such issues with ease.

Our engineers have a vast experience in:

  • Developing hardware devices
  • Developing virtual devices
  • Developing kernel-mode drivers for Windows and Linux
  • Developing networking software
  • Developing security software
  • Developing system software

We are glad that many software and hardware companies became our customers. And they trust us by using our solutions. We are trying to keep up to date so we offer you new unique solutions allowing to connect USB devices on different operating systems. With our solutions, remoting the USB devices becomes an easy task. If you are interested in using, distributing or integrating our solutions please contact us and we'll give you all necessary information.

Among the wide range of new directions and technologies our company attends on such complex and important direction as programming up to date operating system kernel. One of the primary activities of the Incentives Pro company is the development of kernel-mode drivers under Windows and Linux-compatible platforms. Our developers have a vast experience with kernel components of the mentioned OSes.

We deal with the following:

  • Programming the virtual devices
  • Programming the hardware devices
  • Programming the network protocols
  • Operations with security and protection of operating systems
  • Operations with USB devices

If you have a task that has to be implemented, please don't hesitate to Contact Us with your project. Our experts will help you with implementing all possible solutions in the area of software development for the modern operating system kernels.