Patching rdesktop for use with USB Redirector for Linux

USB Redirector for Linux box

USB Redirector for Linux can be installed on the computer with Linux. It requires Linux kernel version 2.6.26 or newer. All necessary installation instructions you can find here.

To connect shared USB devices on Terminal Server you need to install RDP client. You can use the popular open source project rdesktop v1.6 or higher as an RDP client.

After all above installations you need to apply a special patch that supplied inside USB Redirector package in rdp/rdesktop directory.

Here is an example of how to patch and run rdesktop with USB redirection:

  1. Copy usbrdr.c and usbrdr.patch to rdesktop source code directory
  2. Run patch -p3 -i usbrdr.patch
  3. Compile and install rdesktop
  4. Start rdesktop with '-r usbrdr' command-line option