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  • You can continue using USB Redirector TS Edition after evaluation period expires!
  • You get free support and free minor version updates!
  • You support further developement of USB Redirector TS Edition!

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USB Redirector TS Edition Licensing

USB Redirector TS Edition boxshot USB Redirector TS Edition consists of two parts: Server part and Workstation part. Only the Server part must be licensed, while Workstation part is free and can be used on any number of workstations.

You need a license for each terminal server where you are going to install the Server part of the program.

The number of devices in a license shows the total number of USB devices users will be able to redirect to the server. It is NOT per-user.


Please select the type of license you need and click the corresponding price tag to place your order:

USB Redirector TS Edition v2 - Server Part
Single License
2 USB devices $134.99 $114.99 $99.99 $79.99 $64.99 Buy Now
3 USB devices $199.99 $169.99 $149.99 $119.99 $94.99 Buy Now
4 USB devices $264.99 $224.99 $199.99 $159.99 $129.99 Buy Now
5 USB devices $324.99 $279.99 $244.99 $194.99 $159.99 Buy Now
6 USB devices $389.99 $334.99 $294.99 $234.99 $189.99 Buy Now
7 USB devices $449.99 $384.99 $339.99 $269.99 $214.99 Buy Now
8 USB devices $504.99 $429.99 $379.99 $304.99 $244.99 Buy Now
9 USB devices $569.99 $484.99 $429.99 $344.99 $274.99 Buy Now
10 USB devices $614.99 $524.99 $459.99 $369.99 $294.99 Buy Now
15 USB devices $919.99 $784.99 $689.99 $554.99 $444.99 Buy Now
20 USB devices $1199.99 $1019.99 $899.99 $719.99 $574.99 Buy Now
25 USB devices $1484.99 $1264.99 $1114.99 $894.99 $714.99 Buy Now
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If you need more USB devices or licenses, please .