Simple USB Logger - Software for USB Device Monitoring

Simple USB Logger boxshot

This software product allows capturing traffic between device driver and USB device, being transparent for this USB device. High operation speed and information content of Simple USB Logger software allows to analyze the operation of any USB device.

Simple USB Logger allows analyzing USB traffic even if BSOD occurs during USB device usage. And thanks to its performance, you can capture large amounts of data without interferring with the device operation.

How to Start

You just need to install Simple USB Logger on your computer. In most cases it does not require rebooting. So you can start working with this product just after installation!


  • Free software. Simple USB Logger was initially created for the company's internal needs. But we decided to release it for free for all our customers, so they could use the software for their needs without any limitations!
  • Simple monitoring technology. This new technology of traffic capturing is based on operation of a usual Lower Filter Driver. But our unique feature allows loading a filter to the stack of the analyzed USB device only. This increases capturing speed and reliability, and prevents impact on operation of other USB devices.
  • Real and virtual USB devices supported. It is posssible to monitor any USB device, whether is it a real device plugged into hardware USB port or virtual USB device connected via any other software of any vendor!
  • Advanced URB parser. Simple USB Logger can display the structures of URB requests in both full and simple form (where it shows only critical data)!

  • Memory dump analyzing. If BSOD occurs while you are working with USB device, you can extract log file from memory.dmp file. It allows to see what requests USB device was processing when BSOD occured.

  • Quick search features. Simple USB Logger can quickly find packets that completed with errors. To move to such packet you just need to click the button on toolbar!
  • Visual tracing of URB submit/complete. USB Logger aways follows the sequence of URB packets and shows pairs of submitted and completed requests.

  • Endpoint filter. Simple USB Logger allows setting endpoint filters. It makes it possible to display only selected endpoint packets in the log.
  • Advanced descriptor parser. Simple USB Logger parses all main USB device descritpors and shows them in the window in a structured form.