USB Redirector

USB Redirector



What is USB Redirector


System Requirements

Getting Started



Access Control List

Auto-Sharing of USB Devices

Callback Connection

Custom Device Names

Device Policy

Exclusion List

IP Filters

Inactivity Timeout

Individual Sharing of Identical Devices

Network Traffic Compression

Remote Control

Reset on Disconnect

Sharing of USB Devices Without Driver


User Interface

Main Window

Program Menu

Program Toolbar

USB Device Status



General Preferences

Networking Preferences

Warnings Preferences

Callback Connection Properties

USB Server / USB Client Properties

USB Device Properties


How to ...

Share a USB Device

Stop Sharing a USB Device

Create Direct Connection to USB Server

Close Direct Connection to USB Server

Create Callback Connection to USB Client

Close Callback Connection to USB Client

Connect Remote USB Device

Disconnect Remote USB Device

Connect USB Device to Remote USB Client

Disconnect USB Device From Remote USB Client

Add Device Policy Rule

Edit Device Policy Rule

Remove Device Policy Rule

Add USB Device to Exclusion List

Remove USB Device From Exclusion List

Add IP Filter

Remove IP Filter


Entering License Key

End User License Agreement

Contacts and Support

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