Advanced USB Solutions

Our USB over IP solutions allow to share and access any USB device over local network or Internet. Use remote USB devices as if they are directly plugged into your PC!


Solution for Terminal Server
and Virtual Desktop Users

If you are Remote Desktop user, you can use your USB devices on remote Terminal Server or Virtual Machine as if they are plugged into it locally.


Cross-Platform Solution

With USB Redirector for Windows and USB Redirector for Linux you can redirect USB devices between different operating systems without limitations.


Top News

September 20, 2019

USB Redirector
version 6.10

USB Redirector RDP Edition
version 3.10

USB Redirector TS Edition
version 2.10

We are excited to announce the update of our USB Redirector product line for Windows!
This release adds support of the latest Windows 10 versions and fixes several issues to improve app's reliability.
See full list of changes and feel free to Download!

Licensed users who own a license for the corresponding major version can update for free!

If you want to update from one of the previous major versions, please click the button below.

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May 17, 2019

USB Redirector for Linux
version 3.8

In this release we added support of Linux kernels up to 5.1 and implemented several generic improvements important for the future development. Now we also provide binaries for embedded systems that use uclibc.
Please feel free to check all changes and Download!

June 20, 2018

Scan Redirector RDP Edition
version 2.2

This is a bug fixing release that fixes some issues with scanner detection and black borders.
It is a free update for all licensed users of v1 and v2!
See all changes and Download Now!

August 3, 2015

USB Redirector Technician Edition
version 1.5

This version adds support of UPnP for automatic port forwarding setup (subject to router model) and greatly improves stability.

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Developer API

Special offer for software and hardware manufacturers. Integrate our technology into your product!


Remote Servicing of USB Devices

Special offer for the professionals who provide remote flashing and servicing of USB devices.


Supported USB Devices

See a list of supported USB devices...

Image Scanning for
Remote Desktop

With our Scan Redirector product you can easily scan documents inside Remote Desktop session from any TWAIN or WIA-compatible scanner.


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