Entering License Key

Why do you need to purchase USB Redirector Technician Edition?

To continue using USB Redirector Technician Edition after your 15 days evaluation period expires.

Licensed version will allow to service up to the maximum licensed number of customers simultaneously.

Our support team will be happy to assist with any requests or questions from you.

You will get all minor version upgrades for free.

By registering, you support future developments of USB Redirector Technician Edition.


So, if you decided to use full licensed version of USB Redirector Technician Edition please pay your attention to the following information.

To activate your USB Redirector Technician Edition license, you need to enter the License Key. It will be sent to you immediately after placing your order with Share-It. To order USB Redirector Technician Edition please visit our Buy page on our site at http://www.incentivespro.com/purchase.html.

Step by step instructions on how to enter your License Key:

1) Select the whole license key from the registration email as shown on the picture:

2) Copy the license key (press CTRL+C or CTRL+INS; or right-click with your mouse and select Copy)

3) Run USB Redirector Technician Edition.

4) Select menu About > Enter License Key.

5) Paste the license key into the Enter License Key window (press CTRL+V or Shift+INS; or right-click with your mouse and select Paste):

Entering a license key into USB Redirector Technician Edition

If you entered the key correctly you will see a message with the gratitude for your purchase.

6) All information about your license can be seen by selecting menu Help > About.

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