Scan Redirector RDP Edition provides two options for data compression while transferring images over an RDP connection.

By default, the lossless compression algorithm is used. It guarantees maximum image quality and gives great scanning performance on high speed network connections.

Alternatively, you can enable lossy JPEG compression. This option allows you to highly increase the scanning speed on slow connections with barely noticable loss of image quality as a trade off.

Lossy JPEG compression can be enabled through the program's tray icon on workstation. See How to Enable Compression for Slow Connections for more information.


Enable lossy compression if:

You mostly scan text documents, low resolution graphics or other non-critical documents that can afford a small loss in image quality
You are working through a low speed Internet or network connection
You want to reduce the amount of network traffic


Do not enable lossy compression if:

You can not afford even small loss in image quality (e.g. when scanning medical x-ray, MRI or other critical images)
You are working through a high speed network connection